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I wrote Far too many tears as a hip hop opera about the senseless violence experienced in so many communities. While writing the song I thought about the tears of a mother who must face the loss of a child. Far Too Many Tears features John Davis Jr., Said Salahuddin and Markeyta Sconiers 

Far Too Many Tears
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Like Jesus cover 1.jpg

Like Jesus is a thought-provoking song idea about the characteristics of Jesus Christ. If we all decided to be “like Jesus” it would be revolutionary; it would change the world. The song features the vocals of Vernard Burton

Like Jesusfeaturing Vernard Burton
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Sad-but-True-Julian Cover Album.jpg

Sad but True is a beautifully crafted jazz idea written about the end of a relationship. It features the vocals of Vernard Burton and trumpeter Kenny Anderson.

Sad But Truefeaturing Vernard Burton
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Lovesong Cover 3.png

Lovesong is a love song to the Lord. It pays homage to songwriters who wrote about the beauty and the allure of the objects of their desire. Lovesong simply says “I love you” and is sung by Keshia McFarland.  

Lovesongfeaturing Keshia McFarland
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Robin Song.png

Robbin’s Song is about a woman who is made stronger through the difficulty that love can be. It is sung from the perspective of the man who is being loved. Robbin’s song is performed by Teddy Austin

Robbin's songfeaturing Teddy Austin
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