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A Musical Journey

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Kevin Sconiers (AKA Sconsongs) grew up in Chicago and his love of music was refined in church where, as a child, he began playing drums. His mother, uncle and siblings all played instruments and helped to inspire his musical journey. 


As a young man, Kevin began playing piano and, was inspired by the works of songwriters as diverse as Stevie Wonder, Carol King, Donald Fagen, Maurice White, James Taylor, Edwin Hawkins, Andrae Crouch, Miles Davis, Prince and many others.


Kevin is a storyteller and wants his songs to escort the listener into laughter, love, tears, anger and reflection. He explains, "I want to write and arrange songs, as if, to take you on a journey, lyrically and musically."

Sconsongs' music crosses defined musical genres. From the inspirational "Like Jesus." (sung by Vernard Burton) to the gospel "Perfect Will" to the very funky "Strange" (both written with Richard Gibbs Jr. and performed by Cynthia Williams and Keelan Jones respectively). 


Kevin teamed with John Davis and Said Salahuddin to write the hip-hop inspired "Far Too Many Tears." He also co-wrote country song "Nobody Likes Nobody" with Chris Liddell.


Recently, Kevin began writing and recording new music for the purpose of sharing it with friends, old and new. Learn more by exploring the site, and feel free to get in touch with any of your comments and questions.

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